• ​  Please shower, shave and exfoliate prior to your session.


  •  Do NOT wear deodorant or body lotion prior to your session.

  • ​ It is best to have manicure and pedicure completed prior to your session.

  • ​ Like any self-tanning product, this tan does NOT protect you from the sun's harmful rays. Please use  SPF precautions (lotion not oil) after your session!

  • ​ Please wear dark, loose clothing to your session.  Our solution can transfer to clothing the first day  prior to 1st shower.  The bronzer is water-soluble and should rinse out of most fabrics.

​    ​

  • ​  Wait a MINIMUM of 8-10 hours prior to getting wet. This includes showers, swimming pools, hot tubs,   sweating, working out! The longer you can go the better the glow!

  • Spray tans typically can last 7 days and longer with proper care.  Instructions will be given to you at  your appointment!  

  • ​ We provide ALL protective devices for mucous membranes (eyes, ears, nose and mouth).

​        Most important step of all.................................LET'S GLOW!!!!